Fooediestalk Cooking Class

Fooediestalk Cooking Class

Foodiestalk cooking class is our project that basically had a purpose for done our mid test. We need to do something that have an urgency and can give an impact for anyone. After doing a questionnaire survey, we conclude that most of the students are facing the difficulties in cooking. So, for solving the problem, we decided to provide two kind of services, the first thing is instagram account that named ‘’ and the second one is workshop cooking class.

Fooediestalk Cooking Class 3After making our instagram account and create some content, we did some research for where the cooking class will be  held, in the end we decided t

having our workshop event on Kijang Mas Culinary, that located in Hariangbanga st. No 6, Tamansari, about 10 minutes from SBM ITB gate. The student that want to join the class should pay 45.000 rupiah, it’s quite cheap compared with the other cooking class.


In Friday, October 20th , we held the cooking class event. It start from 12.30 in a cooking class room. There, the fifteen student met the chef, and done some opening. In each table there were a paper of recipes and an apron that can be used for the class. After wearing the apron and glancing to the recipes, the class was started. The menu that we choosed is Sup Oyong Soun, Skutel Tahu Telur, and Salad. For make the job easier, the chef were separated the students into some groups, so each groups will be having a difference job with the others.

The chef not only telling the recipes, what after this and what after that, but she also showing the technique, such as how to used the knife properly, how to cut the Oyong, and such on.  She showed the tips as well.

After the foods are done, the chef done the plating, while her assistants are placing the food on fifteen plastic boxes. In the end of the event, the chef was giving a question, and the one who get the answer well were given a voucher to eat on Ilos Hotel. The students also received a certificate from Kijang Mas Culinary for joining the cooking class. After that, the chef gave some advice to the student, then they went home with the food they made by they self.

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